Woori Bank is one of the four largest domestic banks in Korea,
providing a variety of loan and financial services for individuals and businesses. In the Vietnamese market, Woori has been operating for more than 24 years
with 14 branches across the territory of Vietnam and they start to build
a brand promotion orientation in 2020.

AB Lab Company is a co-selected unit that accompany Woori Bank
in branding campaigns and affiliate activities.

Digital Marketing

Woori bank is oriented to be a smart bank, so the approach to customers
is also diversified through modern and effective advertising platforms.
From internal channels such as available communication sources,
Ablab establishes a system to approach customers logically and closely through
advertising platforms such as Google, facebook, and Ad network systems…

Booking Celebs and KOLs

The advertising campaign is associated with the brand representatives which are the top Celebs, in order to raise awareness about woori bank in Vietnam market. Along with that, the booking of KOLs to implement product reviews and participate in banking activities to attract attention is also planned in detail by Ablab.

Offline Promotion & CSR

As a large bank, organizing offline programs is indispensable. In addition,
Woori Bank is a bank with high social responsibility, so setting up CSR programs
is one of the focused programs.